Who is in charge of the weekend service? You would be amazed how many churches can’t answer that question…Imagine if you would a weekend scenario… There is a problem – let’s say, for example, a side-screen projector blows a bulb. The part-time Production Director immediately sees that the screen has gone dark, but isn’t 100% sure why. The Executive Pastor, who is sitting nearby, sprints to the tech booth, expecting an immediate explanation. The Production Director tries to figure out what’s happening, while simultaneously talking to the EP.Meanwhile, the executive pastor is joined in the booth by one of the elders, who wants to know why there is a problem with the projectors, since they were just purchased two years ago and were VERY expensive. The Production Director in our story reports to the Worship Pastor – word has reached him, and he joins the crowd in the booth, asking to be brought up to speed. The Senior Pastor simultaneously notices the projector being out and loses his train of thought, making an awkward joke about technical difficulties as a room full of heads [or so it seems] turn to look at the tech booth…The scenario above isn’t as far-fetched as you might think, and is the result of a number of issues. First off, it’s clear that what happens in an emergency hasn’t been discussed. It’s also clear that chain of command hasn’t been clarified – in the story above, ANYONE higher up on the org chart can give immediate direction. This does not work in real life.Ultimately, the Senior Pastor is the boss. However, there needs to be a “buck stops here” person for the service [ideally a “Service Producer”], since both the Senior Pastor and Worship Pastor in our story might be on the platform when something goes awry… KEY LEARNING: It doesn’t work for every position in a higher bracket on the org chart to simultaneously give direction in an emergency situation.

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