I try to focus on “practical” advise in these posts. Things that you can put into action. I do this because I’m an action-oriented person. I HATE situations where I have to put things on hold until I have more information, or until someone else gives their opinion, or until preliminary steps have been taken. Maybe it’s just that I hate to wait…

My issues aside, today I give some of the most practical advice possible. It’s not action-oriented at all, in the sense that I traditionally use. But it’s important. Here it is… Take it to God. Rely on HIS action. Trust in HIS direction. HIS strategy. HIS timing… That may seem like a trite statement, and, by the world’s standards, it’s spiritual mumbo-jumbo or wishful thinking. But, in 100% truthfulness, taking it to God is the most action-oriented thing that you can do. He has FAR, FAR greater ability to handle the issues that you’re up against. AND He sees the whole picture, not just the very myopic viewpoint that you and I have. I’m not saying don’t act – God’s given you a brain and abilities – use them.

Just acknowledge that some things are out of your control, that you don’t know it all, and – no matter how hard you try – you can’t make the world a perfect place [or, rather, the way you want it]. Going it alone leads to failure – going with God [and letting Him lead the way] is really the ONLY viable option…  

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