Sometimes God must use our pain to wake us up… In the midst of the devastating tragedy of Ukraine, one glimpse of hope shines out…Our eyes, even if just for one brief moment, have been taken off of ourselves.
We live in one of the most self-focused eras that has ever existed. Self-obsession in our culture is not only tolerated – it’s glorified. “You do you,” the current American mantra, is taken as a given – and uttered as a demand.

Ultimately, this is not how God designed us. It’s not a coincidence that in the midst of this hyper-inward focus we are also mentally and emotionally disintegrating. Self-obsession ultimately leads to self-destruction.

The ONLY hope is when our eyes move off of ourselves – and onto God, and the people He has created. We exist to serve, plain and simple. God has – with extreme clarity – pointed out the way. Love Him above all and love others as ourselves. We show this love by serving.

 It’s not drudgery. It is, in fact, our only hope for true happiness.

“The entire population of the world – with one minor exception – is composed of others.”       John C. Maxwell

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