Excellence and Survivability

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Church Production is tough. It’s one of those jobs (like IT and Facilities) where people only notice if something has gone wrong. If you lead Church Production staff, here are a few ways where things can go wrong – and right – to help you balance “excellence of experience” with “team survivability.


Where this goes wrong is when a “no sacrifice is too great for the congregation” mindset takes hold in senior leadership. In fact, MANY sacrifices are too great. If production destroys your marriage, that sacrifice is too great. If it means you never see your kids because you’re at church all weekend, every weekend (and most weeknights), that sacrifice is too great.

Where it goes right is when the staff leadership truly understands the difference between excellence and perfection. Excellence is doing the best you can with what you have – perfectionism is expecting things to consistently work out exactly the way that you envisioned in your imagination.


Where this goes wrong is when people forget that there needs to be effort involved. “Survivability” becomes a catchphrase that really means work avoidance. Here’s the deal… It’s a JOB. You and they are being paid out of people’s tithes and offerings to get things done. If work doesn’t happen, it’s stealing that money, no matter how it’s rationalized. It’s REALLY out of whack when staff team members start protecting each other from any work that’s demanding or difficult.

Where it goes right is when the team develops a healthy sense of pride in a job well done. The team members give their very best, and the team leader shows care and concern for families, health issues, and time off to recharge.

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