I talked recently about what it means to be a boss…

There is a different type of boss that occurs in increasing amounts these days: a project leader, which is – in effect – a temporary boss. This is someone who is in charge within a certain context. As an example, a service producer in a large church might be the “head” [ie decision-maker] for the weekend services, even though positionally he or she is a peer of the worship leader and production director, or perhaps even a volunteer.

For this to work, two things have to happen:

1. Whoever has set up this structure needs to bring EXTREME CLARITY as to the authority of the project leader, and the parameters in which he or she will operate;

2. Everyone has to take their egos down a couple of notches and release control. 

In addition to getting things done, allowing individuals to step into project leader roles has the benefit of letting them “test their wings” – they can have a sense of what it takes to lead in an area with less stress. It also allows team members with a specific skill set to utilize those talents without having to have everything required for a more permanent or extensive role.  

“Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” 
― John Maxwell

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