Today, a quick discussion about meetings. The very word often causes people to cringe – and rightfully so, because many of us have taken part in meetings where nothing of any real value got done. Part of the reason for a lack of forward movement in our meetings may be trying to do everything at once.

For weekend service planning, I would suggest a two-meeting structure on the front end (ideally as far out from the service date as possible): 1) A creative meetings, and 2) An implementation meeting. 

The creative meeting is all about one thing – possibilities. This is “blue sky” brainstorming, coming up with possibilities and asking the big questions, including the most important: What do we want to be different in the actions or thought processes of the congregation after the service (beyond the ESSENTIAL focus of having worshipped God)?

The implementation meeting deals with the practical issues of making the service happen. Here, the questions are who, what, when, where, how and why. Who’s the point person? Are there special elements? Where is the video being shot? How is the set being paid for? Who is the service host? When is “clean up?” and on and on…

The final question? When is the third meeting – “evaluation?”

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