Yesterday, I talked about the importance of face time with real people. We are not meant to only share our lives with our phones and our laptops…

That being said, plan your face-to-face time at work wisely. Most of us, especially those who create (graphic artists, video editors, curriculum writers, etc…) need blocks of focused time without constant interruption to get things done. If you’re consistently popping in on people unannounced, it’s basically the same as saying: “Hey, drop whatever you’re doing and attend to me.”

To avoid that, I try to either set up short (ie 15 min or less) checkins, send a Teams message to ask if they have a sec sometime soon, or catch them in a transitional moment, such as arriving in the morning, coming back from lunch, etc… I give them a second to get situated, but not so long that they get settled in and are in the middle of something. Remember, if you are stopping in to see someone, you are spending BOTH your time, not just your own.

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