I view announcements in church services as a necessary (?) evil – they virtually always are a distraction and cause people to check out. They come across as “commercials” – primarily because that’s the way that most of them are designed. The one redeeming characteristic is that they often point people to opportunities to worship and grow in God, or serve His people, outside the realm of the Sunday morning service. 

OK, rant over – on to the positive. To make things as good as they can be, I would encourage those doing announcements to practice in advance to keep things as concise and tied to mission as possible. Have the service host (person doing announcements) actually do them as part of the service run-through, including the transitions in and out of the moment. I’d also encourage the language used to be relational in character – and understandable to the average person. Kem Meyer nailed it: 

“Make it a normal practice to regularly evaluate your language in the context of guests. Set aside the insider speak and avoid using words that people have to look up. Recognizing that regular people are consumed with the pressures of life (i.e., pressure to keep up, loneliness, sadness, fear, skepticism, pride, guilt and anger), their filter is set to cope or comprehend based on their ‘everyday.’ So you should just use ‘everyday’ talk, too.”

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