In the past, I’ve talked about the dangers of ego in the church world. This is a VERY big deal, so we’re going to hit it again today.

As I have become more “seasoned,” lol, I’ve seen ministry from many angles. I have served in a variety of roles, including senior church leadership. Ego plays different games the higher up the ladder you go… When I was a worship pastor early on, the dangers I saw in my peers (and in myself) was in wanting to be “seen,” to be upfront, to sing lead, to write the song, to be on the big screen, etc… etc…etc…

In senior leadership, the temptations usually center around power. You want to be the one pulling the strings. To be in control of the biggest (or maybe the entire) budget. To have the biggest staff team. The most impressive title. The highest salary. The biggest office…

Don’t underestimate this. Virtually EVERYTHING in our world pulls in the direction of seeking status and power. I wish I had an easy answer of how to balance wanting to do your best with wanting to be VIEWED as the best, but I don’t. It’s a day in, day out battle that must be fought, and the only way to have any hope is to ask for God’s help and guidance. Let’s start there today…

“At the end of your life, no one will care what titles you once held, or how much money you made, or what a big shot you thought you were.” – Lee Cockerell

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