Let’s talk church websites…

There are two groups of people who will visit the church website:

  1. The first is people who are checking out the church to see if they might want to visit or attend. They may be new to the area, etc… and are trying to get a feel for what the church is like. In my opinion, a front page video loop of worship, the preaching pastor, the kids areas, and the general vibe/feel of the church is great for this – in 15 seconds, you can give people a very good idea of who you are.
  2. The second group is people from your congregation who are looking for info regarding some upcoming event. A front page link to an events page will help people to find what they need quickly. Minimize the amount of clicking that people need to do to get to where they are going, and make registration forms easy to fill out and understand. 

That’s it. There really is no other purpose to go there. As much as we’d like to think that the congregation are regularly exploring the church website looking for updates and inspiration, it just doesn’t happen in real life. Think of your own experiences with restaurant websites, for example – the only times you would go there is to see what it looks like or read reviews before your first visit, or to check the menu before a lunch stop. You’re not hanging out on the site daily just for fun. Having a realistic view helps you to prioritize and provide simple solutions for guests and the congregation.  

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