Yesterday, we discussed the importance of taking photos. There are a huge variety ways that a creative church will utilize these shots, including (and especially) social media, video slideshows, and the church website. In fact, photos have two characteristics that make them even more useful than video in certain cases:

  1. You can show many photos in a very short period of time, or have multiple photos show at once in a slideshow or on a social media post;
  2. Photos require FAR less memory to store.

The photos are especially good in helping you to celebrate your victories and to highlight members of the congregation in serving roles, on mission trips, etc… Keep an eye out to make sure that you’re not just showing staff in these shots (even though they are often more easily available to pose). I would suggest that staff to congregation ratio on social media be at least 1:1 (that includes the preaching pastor), if not more heavily weighted to the congregational side 

As you’re looking for volunteers for the church photo team, keep an eye out for folks that take good “relationship” shots – ie. photos of people interacting happily with other people. These aren’t “paparazzi” who are looking to create “got ‘cha” moments (in a bad way). Rather, the job of church photographers is to create and/or document “we’ve got you” moments…to help the congregation know that they are part of a family… #creativeworshipideas

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