Don’t auto-pilot service planning. What do I mean by that? It’s doing what you did last week, with slightly different songs and a slightly different sermon.

How to avoid auto-pilot? Determine the “one thing” for that service. It’s the bottom line – what you want people to walk away with as they head out the church doors. It’s what should be different in the congregation after the service is over – a difference in thinking, or a specific action to take. THAT’S the driver. 

It may be that you’ll be able to get across what you feel God calling you to share using your “standard” service format, but maybe not. You might need to switch things up. For instance, a sermon on worship might work best with worship at the end of the service, instead up upfront as usual. It might be that a 10-min video interview in the middle of the message would be the perfect thing to help encourage people to serve. It might be that a “handoff” during worship from the adult team to the youth team will help the congregation to see that we have a responsibility to the future as well as to ourselves.

For all these things, the key is to work backwards – beginning with the end in mind.

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