Idea Of The Week – Oct. 1 & 2, 2011

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We have been in the midst of a two-week “mini-series” called “Way Of Life.” The basic promise is dealing with what God has to say about how we deal with poverty, helping others (esp. the hurting), etc… As part of our prep for a major offsite community help weekend, we launched what we thought would be a comparatively minor food drive. Well, it became clear that it was taking flight – one of our folks, a Jr. High teacher, challenged his students to come onboard, and they did – 1300 cans of food from that class alone!
Anyway, we borrowed 50 shopping carts from Lowes, Marsh (a local grocery chain) donated thousands of bags, and we filled the platform with shopping carts overflowing with food – as we sang our way through a very uptempo worship set!

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