The Creative Planning Team – Who, Pt. 1

Well, since this blog is about creative ideas, let’s start dealing with the who, what, where, when and how. I’ve tried a TON of ways (wait, do ways have weight?) to generate ideas, and by far the most successful has been the Creative Planning Team. One person only has so many ideas… I don’t care how creative you are – you may be a one-person Disney meets Cirque du Soliel, but you’re going to run dry at some point. What’s working for us at the moment is to have a 2-hour meeting every couple of weeks – we’ll dive into specifics in upcoming posts…
OK, jumping in… First of all, who should be on the team? There’s a school of thought that says you should build your teams solely of people with whom you have affinity – people that you would like to “do life with,” people who share your unique vision for what your church’s services should be like. I TOTALLY disagree with that approach!!! (Yes, that’s THREE exclamation points for emphasis) I don’t actively dislike anybody on our team, but personal friendships are not the point. Unless you’re in a niche ministry, you’re going to be designing services for a wide variety of folks, and the last thing you need is to surround yourself with more versions of you. Variety is key – different ages, different walks of life, different stylistic preferences… Each person should bring something unique to the table. You’ll need to establish ground rules, and the team has to be on board with the church’s overall direction, but you want variety! Lot’s of variety! Did I say variety?

Tomorrow, we’ll jump into who specifically is on our particular team – stay tuned!

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