The Creative Planning Team – Who, Pt. II

You know, I’ve always just sort of accepted the idea that creative teams should be in the 6-10 person range – the thinking is that you’ll have variety without things getting too scattered. However, I’m finding that our team actually functions best when there are more people involved (although we do break up into various sub-groups throughout the meeting). Each church or group will have unique needs – here’s who’s on our team as of today:

Worship Pastor (staff)
Campus Worship Pastor (from multi-site campus)
Tech Director (staff)
Lighting Director (staff)
Production/Staging Director (staff)
Weekend Implementation Director (staff)
Communications Director (staff)
Graphic Artist (staff)
Teaching Pastor (staff – not the Lead Pastor – see below)
Interns (2 – Tech & Communications)
Congregational Members (4 – each from a different decade, age-wise)
Myself (Creative Arts Pastor)

What’s a Weekend Implementation Director, you may ask? That what he wants to know! This is, in fact, a new position (based on the position of someone who used to work for me at Willow Creek in Chicago). We’re still figuring out details, but essentially the job is to make sure that all of the details are handled to make the services run – a hefty dose of admin., along with some significant people interaction.

You may also notice that our Senior/Lead Pastor is not a member of the team. I am EXTREMELY blessed to have a Lead Pastor who trusts in the ability of our team (as well as my abilities), and gives us an enormous amount of free reign in designing the “non-message” parts of the service. That’s not to say that he doesn’t have opinions on what he thinks should happen – he gives clear critque and feedback that has allowed us to develop a framework that works for the vast majority of what we do. Oh, and he also provides me with his printed out messages on the average of 3 months in advance! Now that’s the gift that keeps on giving!!!

I completely understand that the majority of churches will not have these kinds of staff resources to pull from, but the overall concept is sound. There’s power in numbers, strength in diversity, and variety is the spice of life!

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