Book Review: “The Spark”

“The Spark,” by Lyn Heward and John U Bacon, is a quick, easy read focused on an organization that should be no stranger to we creative types (us creative types?) – Cirque du Soliel. The mighty Cirque is profiled through the semi-autobiographical story of an average (?) man who is offered the chance to go through the rigorous training that all Cirque performers experience.

The heart of the message here is that creativity isn’t just a gift that God has bestowed upon a few, leaving the rest of us to more mundane pursuits (note that this book is secular in nature, and does not come from a faith perspective).  It’s really the work ethic that makes things – even highly creative things – happen: the willingness to just get up and try again and again. The book might be summed up best by it’s quote of cartoonist Al Hirschfield on pg. 112: “Everybody is creative, and everybody is talented. I just don’t think that everybody is disciplined.”

The big picture: An engaging story, an inspiring and personal challenge. 4 out of 5 stars.

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