A Pop-Up Christmas

Here’s a Christmas theme/idea that I’ve never been able to use (yet)…

“A Pop-Up Christmas!” When I was a kid, I loved pop-up books – the more elaborate, the better. There was something magical about them – it was as if you could imagine yourself in the scenes that opened up before you. The goal of the service would be to try to recapture that feeling of enchantment, and using it to tell the greatest story of all time!

The Christmas story would be told by using several huge pop-up scenes. The “book” would be huge, and could either stand upright, or lay on the floor. This would be a SERIOUS undertaking (part of the reason I’ve never done it) – lots of artists and materials, and tons of prep. The result, though, could be an incredibly family-friendly service that would be both unique and memorable!

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