Christmas Hope

Here’s a letter that I sent to our teams a few minutes ago…
Hello, Most Awesome Worship Arts Team!

Tonight at church we have our Glowing Memories service – it’s specifically for folks that have lost loved one over the course of the past year. It’s designed to be a time to grieve, a time to heal, and a time to hope. As I’ve thought about that, it’s really sunk in that church should be exactly the sort of place that offers those things – especially the hope!

In the midst of our even-busier-than-normal lives, it’s really, really easy to go on auto-pilot. I’m one of those people who could easily spend my time checking off items on my “to do” list, while forgetting to have a life. But tonight reminds me that we don’t have unlimited time here, and that there’s not enough room in life for auto-pilot. It my wish for each of you (and myself) that we’ll spend more of this next year grieving with those who are grieving, helping each other to heal, and – especially – spreading hope in a world that so desperately needs it.

One thing that really does give me hope is seeing the sold-out servants and believers at Northview. I am truly blessed to be able to serve with you, and I wish both you and your families the very best as we head into the holidays.

Thanks – for what you do and who you are, God Bless You, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Greg Wallace
Creative Arts Pastor
Northview Church

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