It’s been my experience that churches will spend a great deal of money on buildings, furniture, and, if they are wise, quality soundgear. But what about the lights. Won’t somebody please, please think of the lights???!!

I’ve known church committee people – they (often) think that putting a 60-watt bulb above the alter takes care of things. It’s lit, right? I actually think that lighting is just as important as any other element of the service setup. First of all, and in the most basic sense, lighting shows us where to look. If you’re in a room, your attention is immediately drawn to the most well-lit thing or area. My family was in D.C a few weeks ago, and seeing the various monuments dramatically lit up at night was a stunning example…

Lighting is also key to creating a great vibe. Movers, strobing effects, etc… all add energy. Slowly fading lights give a totally different effect. There is a definite artistry that can give these lights impact (it also helps to have some grasp of the science of how color blending works, as well as the differences between incandescent and LED lighting). But the primary idea is that more lights = more options.

So go buy more lights.


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