Book Review: “Tribes”

Business guru Seth Godin encourages everyone to step up to the plate as leaders – leaders, as he puts it, of their own individual tribes. Tribes are no longer local – the internet has allowed groups to come together easily and organize – people from all over the world. Godin insists that each of us has a niche to lead in this new new world, and that the world will suffer if each person doesn’t figure out what they’re supposed to lead & get busy!

Godin’s writing style is like his personality – a mile a minute, and what ever happens to come to his mind immediately comes out. I liked “Tribes” – it was an easy read, it contained some interesting insights, and it was fun. Before I give my rating, I will confess to a bias towards books (especially if they are of the leadership variety) which have action steps and practical “how-to” ideas. This didn’t really have any (or not many). But it did make me think, so I’m not sorry I read it.

My rating: 3.5

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