Throwing A Changeup, Part 1

Variety in our worship services is something that I really strive for. Like anyone else, we have our “liturgy” (ours is the standard megachurch fare of 3-4 worship songs, announcements, video, special music & message). However, I really try to look at what can be done to change things up – not to be “presentational,” but really to be more relational. In any relationship, you’re always wanting to tell friends about new things that have happened to you, or interesting things that you have found out (as opposed to telling the same story in the same way every time you meet them). Our Story doesn’t change, but there are virtually endless ways in which we can tell it – and virtually endless types of people waiting to receive it.

An easy way to inject variety in a service is to change up the style of music. Each of us has styles of music that we like best (and do better than other styles). However, just because you don’t like country (I’m not wild about it) doesn’t mean that a country song isn’t the best choice to support a particular topic. We did a ska song this morning, believe it or not, and it really went well!

Don’t use the same instrumentation on every song. Just because you have a killer 7-piece band doesn’t mean that you have to use all 7 players in every song. It’s not going to kill a player to stand there as a song (or part of a song) is being played that he or she is not part of. More to come…

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