I grew up in a very traditional small-town church. I am native to that culture. However, I have chosen to immigrate to a different culture… You see, the culture I grew up in had pomp, ritual, and – in it’s best moments a sense of true reverence for God.
What it did not have was passion. My community was largely Germanic/Norwegian, so it’s not like there was a lot of passion on display to begin with. Our rituals, however, pushed even what little passion was possible out the door – it was considered “unseemly.”
Don’t get me wrong – I love hymns, I love stained glass, I love carved wood, I even love structure to a certain extent… But I am NOT interested in attending a museum. I want to be part of a church. A living, breathing church. I want to be able to tell that the people there are serious about loving God and thanking Him for His love for them. That’s why I immigrated – to a place where passion is expressed, and where you can SHOW thanksgiving, joy and awe. A place that’s alive!

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