Tech, Tech and More Tech

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Here are some quick tips on how to utilize technology in your worship services (click here)…

Some comments:
#4 – I very much recommend this. Like it or not, people (esp. pastors) like to talk, and announcements usually end up being 2-3 times as long as they need to be. We film a weekly video called “Northview in Two” – 2 minutes long, and, by scripting it out and sticking to a high energy, basic info vibe, we’re able to get across more info in a fraction of the time (and the congregation doesn’t “check out”);
#5 – This is very useful, especially for smaller churches. We regularly play along with a click track, and adding in additional string parts, keyboard pads – or even background vocals – can really help to fill out the sound. This really only works well if you’re using in-ear monitors – but, again, in-ears are a major plus no matter what the size of the church!

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