Just came back from vacation (a week at a cabin in the Smokies)…
I did not:
* Do any work-related reading (ie. church, music or tech)
* See any shows to “get ideas”
* Check my work e-mail
* Call or text obsessively to see how things were going (I sent one text, but only after the point where there was nothing I could do about it anyway – and I sent a couple of “Happy Father’s Day” texts to a couple of dads that work on my staff team)…

The result? The world did not end because of my lack of personal control an guidance, I am still employed (as far as I know), and I had a great time. My name’s Greg, and I’m a workaholic – but at least I’m in recovery… : )

One Reply to “Vacation”

  1. Wow. Awesome.
    God wants us to work in our lives, but we are also to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Just read Ecclesiastes and listen to “Dust in the Wind”. You’ll probably be emo in a week tops. :-p

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