How Intense Is Too Intense?

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We have a (very) large screen that we use as a video (or still) backdrop during worship songs, sermons, etc… We often use looping backgrounds during worship songs, matching faster (or more busy) motions to faster or busier songs.
Lately, we’ve had a few discussions about the intensity of our images…
It’s not that we’re putting anything questionable up there – in fact, most of the motion backgrounds that we use are solidly Christian imagery, or simply abstract. It’s just that – with a screen this big – too much motion has the potential to be distracting, or maybe even to make people sick!
What we’ve found recently, however, is that a few of the motion backgrounds that we’ve been worried about beforehand have actually been our favorites once the worship team and lights, etc… have been added. The moral of the story? Don’t wimp out – give it a shot.
[A caveat here: We DO NOT push the envelope just to push it. If we go “high energy,” it because we’re trying to engage people, and get across how exciting a relationship with God can be!]

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