Context Is King

“The principle is, meanings are constructed or attached to experiences by people on the basis of their subjective interpretation.” – Chuck Kraft

What you say (or write, or paint, or play, etc…) isn’t the only important thing. Art – Christian art included – by it’s very nature is communication. And communication is a two-way street. It’s not enough to simply preach at people using art. We need to make sure that the message is heard and understood. That means knowing who we’re talking to. If we’re talking to a diverse group, it means using a diversity of ways to communicate. It means understanding that we are not “the norm” and that the majority of people don’t necessarily think the same way that we do (this common misperception is almost always a self-deception). Our tastes, stylistic preferences and favorites modes of communication are just that – ours. Not everyone’s…

So make sure that there’s some variety in how you’re getting the word out, who’s getting it out, etc… – the more avenues you use to communicate, the better they’ll get it!

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