Soapbox Time…
One of the sins of the American church is ageism. I’ve seen it take a couple of forms. The most common is the mid-20’s to early-30’s young hipster worship leader, surrounded by a band of similarly young and hip players and singers. Less common, but also there, is the aging worship leader that only draws similarly aging team members (or has been playing with the same team for so long that it has become an exclusive club).
I would suggest a middle road – a team that reflects the entire body of Christ. We work hard to be intentional about having diversity on the team. Many churches get the importance of racial diversity, and many get gender diversity, but not that many (in my experience) get age diversity. I love seeing a 60-year-old percussionist standing next to a 22-year-old guitarist. Maturity and energy meet in a really good way. And don’t mistake me – I’m not pushing diversity as a politically-correct buzzword. I’m pushing it because God created us in diverse ways, and at diverse times, and that should be celebrated!

Or maybe I’m just getting older…  :  )

2 Replies to “Suitable For All Ages”

  1. This is so true! Luckily there’s about a 22/23-year difference between the youngest and oldest person on my church’s worship team. It’s really cool seeing how God’s love has no boundaries.

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