Kindness, gentleness and compassion are Christ-like qualities – not signs of weakness. People WILL take advantage of you if you are nice – but that’s part of what it means to be in the world, but not of it, as the saying goes. We DO welcome people in our services. We have a “turn and greet” section. We have greeters. Our Lead Pastor goes through the crowd/congregation as they enter, and greets them. The world often considers niceness weak – but I’ve heard criticisms from the church, as well…

If I seem a little touchy, it’s because I recently read an article by someone who said that they stopped doing a turn and greet in their service because it wasn’t deep enough. I admire the desire for deep relationships behind that thinking, but not the action. You don’t hold back friendliness because it’s not deep love (yet). You don’t hold back compassion because it’s not a 100% surrender of everything you have. You don’t refuse to interact with someone if the relationship is not perfect.

You meet them where they are, flaws and all, and enter into relationship at the level that they’re comfortable with. And then it has the potential, with God’s help, to grow from there. Sometimes, just saying “Hi” is the beginning of something good…

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