Idea Of The Week: Hey, Mom, I’m On TV

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We are starting to utilize TVs on a more regular basis in our services. They are especially useful during the messages in our case – we have a couple of multi-site campuses, and any images that we show need to be on something besides our side screens. We use the same feed for the side screens as we do for our regional campuses, and if we were to use a photo or a graph, for example, that’s all that the congregation at those sites would see until we cut back to the live shot. Forty-five seconds of looking at a picture (rather than seeing the preacher interact with the picture) is an eternity.  Another plus – it’s a lot easier for the preaching pastor to point out details with any images, graphs, Scripture verses, etc… if they’re right at hand.

We’re also going to try an experiment in our youth building by building a video wall – I’ll let you know how it goes – should be up soon!

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