Whenever we do a baby dedication, we ask the parents of the various little ones to send in photos in advance. This creates a great “Awwww Factor” in the service! But it actually goes a lot further that that. You see, we’re a big church. We have a lot of things that we can offer to people by our size – a great Children’s program, a great Youth program, lots of outreach opportunities, well-organized continuing ed. possibilities, etc… But it can also be easy for people to feel lost in the crowd unless we’re intentional about shrinking the bigness down a bit. That’s why we use photos in situations like this – to make it more like family. We also record the stories of people before they are baptized so that we can share their lives (as well as their baptism). We have name tag machines so that we can call each other by name. And we are very, very intentional about helping people to become part of life groups. Because, while the “Awwww Factor” is cute, it’s gone in a few seconds – being known can help to point someone’s life towards change that can last forever!


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