Tomorrow, I will be welcoming two new staff members to my teams (woo hoo, Andrea and Adam)! It’s very exciting – we have been growing as a church, and need extra help! In some ways, it’s like a family adopting new children – two important things need to happen as the team changes to adapt to it’s new structure:
1. The new team members have to be helped to understand the current team dynamics. This is especially true in our case, because we’re not bringing them in to “fix” anything. The newbies are going to want to show what they can do, but the leader needs to channel that energy and enthusiasm towards appropriate projects.
2. The “old” team needs to understand that things will be different now in some ways. Each staff hire brings a different set of skills to the table. God has created each person to be an individual, and the leader needs to figure out how those individual skills can best be utilized to help the church as a whole.

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