We work hard at Northview to create a buzz. We’re totally unapologetic about it. It doesn’t happen every week, nor should it. But every once in awhile, we go all out to make something happen that people will talk about to their friends, post on Facebook, etc…

I really think that most people largely sleepwalk though life. They try to surround themselves with a bubble of comfort and predicability. That’s understandable, because life really does throw us a lot of curves, and it’s truly hard not to want to withdraw. We put up barriers to keep ourselves from being hurt more than we think we can bear. In many ways, we’ve also become semi-immune to bad news – unless that news directly affects us – because we’re relentlessly bombarded with images of pain, suffering, loss, war, betrayal, etc… every time we watch (or click on) a news show or site.

But life, change, hope – all of the good stuff – only comes when we’re fully awake and engaged. The buzz helps people to wake up. It’s just a front door – a door to something better. What we do with it then is what’s really important…


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