Let Em Know Who You Are (And Who Is In Charge)

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Sorry for being gone for a little while – between Easter and a nasty case of the flu (the first time that I’ve really had the actual flu in over 20 years), I needed to take a bit of a break. However, I’m back! Today’s thing is short and sweet…
We are Northview Church. Northview Church is NOT the building in central Indiana, it’s 5000+ people who are seeking God and His will. We celebrate that fact, and ask people to join our family, if they’re willing, so that we can grow together. We’re not perfect – far, far from it – but we’re putting God first, and that’s the best thing we can do. If you’re ever in the Indy area, stop in and join us for a weekend. And don’t forget to let people know – wherever God has placed you – that you’d be overjoyed to have them join you in putting God first. With God in charge, we’re in pretty good shape!

2013-02-03 Weekend Service-20-M

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