Hard Decisions

(Note: This post was written, for the most part, about 6 months ago – thought it was time to finish it up…)

I had to do something very difficult yesterday. We had an idea for a service that would really stretch us as a team. The whole team worked on it, but two of the guys in particular put in a ton of hours to make it happen. As we got to our Thursday run-through (two days before our Saturday service), it became clear that things just were not progressing in a way that I felt was going to give us dependable results for the weekend.

There was really no doubt in my mind that the correct thing to do was to go with our backup plan, and adjust the service, cutting that particular element. So I did. However, I still thought about it long and hard. I really value my team. God has blessed me with a really good group of folks to work with, and I wanted their work to be rewarded by being able to see their ideas come to life…

It’s still going to be a great service (after-the-fact-note: it was), but I wish it could have gone as planned and let the idea come to life. We’ll bring it back someday and try again…

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