My role at Northview church is Creative Arts Pastor. That’s a pretty generic title, but I asked for it to be changed from my former title, Pastor of Worship and Programming (people thought I took care of the church website). The easiest way to describe what I do is the Producer of the worship services. I lead the worship, production and video staff members, and lead the creative planning process for the services.

This is the hardest job I’ve ever had (I’ve also been a teacher and a corporate buyer in the three careers of my life). It’s also the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. However, the “to do” list each day really does threaten to get to the completely unmanageable level on a daily basis (for example, I’ve had several e-mails come in while typing this post). Here what I have to do to survive – keep databases. As you run across new ideas, enter them in databases organized by theme or idea.

More than that though, keep a master database with key upcoming information in it that key team members can access to know what’s going on. I keep a Yearly Worship Planning database on SmartSheet. All of my staff can access it (although only some can edit it), and it can also be viewed by the other members of our Lead Staff and key staff members from other departments. Here’s what’s in it – hope it gives you some good ideas:

Series Title,¬†Service Title, Topic, Service Dates, Stage Look, “Givens,” Communion/Baptism/Other Elements, Who’s Preaching, Service Host, Video Announcement Host, Worship Leader, Video Story Topic/Individual


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