“We only learn to behave ourselves in the presence of God.” – C. S. Lewis

I realized some time ago (in hindsight), that I really didn’t start seriously “growing up” until I became a father. I suddenly had my son – someone who couldn’t really do very much under his own power to take care of himself. He depended on me. And I took care of him – because I loved him. And he loved me back – that was the one thing he could give.

Our Father has the same sort of love. We are utterly helpless without Him. There is nothing that we can do to help ourselves that doesn’t ultimately have it’s source in Him. There’s nothing that we can do for God that will give Him something He needs or doesn’t have. All that we can do is love Him.

That’s hard for me. I’m a “do-er.” Type A. I like to be in control. I plan, strategize and measure. But it’s not enough. The only way anything spiritual happens in someones heart is when God prompts it. The only way worship happens is when God receives it.

I need to plan, work really hard, give my best – and then let it go. Trust God. And love Him.

Today I’m writing these words as a message to myself.

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