Unwrapped Stage

Christmas is definitely a time for old school. There are things that I feel perfectly justified doing at Christmas that might push the “hokey meter” at any other time of year. Northview is a very contemporary church, but on Christmas Eve the traditions come out. One of our traditions is to have “O Holy Night” sung by a big-voice soloist. We actually use a Sandi Patty arrangement. No offense to Sandi (she is a great vocalist and entertainer), but we would normally never consider a song arranged for her. Christmas is different, however. It’s full of memories, and it’s perfectly fine to be less than hip and trendy. In fact, it seems like the more hip and trendy we’ve tried to be at Christmas, the less people have responded – people of ALL ages, not just the “seasoned.”

Everybody is OK with reliving the past at Christmas. The older folks have decades of Christmas Eves gone by to reminisce about. The younger parents are remembering their childhood days and seeking to establish traditions of their own. So we do “O Holy Night.” We sing “Silent Night” at the end with everybody holding hands. And we make it snow (it will be hard for you to rent a snow machine in Central Indiana at Christmas because I think we have them all). So try a little old school at Christmas (btw, that Sandi Patty song had people on their feet)!

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