[this article is an expanded version of a post from my Instagram site: creativeworshipideas]

Mixing old and new doesn’t always yield the best results – but sometimes putting the two together captures the best of both worlds. The quality of video – particularly LED screens and laser projection – has increased to the point that “virtual sets” can be created. While those screens are often used to show moving backgrounds to add energy, stills can also be highly effective. They give more of a sense of permanence – ie the object or scenery can sometimes look as if it is actually there, especially if it’s scaled to the size of the stage.

In this case, we took the final song of the worship set – a moving “heart” song – and paired it with high definition imagery of some beautiful stained glass panels. The look and feel gave a simultaneous sense of history and visual intensity. And look at the incredible color and artistry of that stained glass – if they would’ve had moving lights back then, they would’ve used them! : ).

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