Many churches have gifts that they give to first time guests in exchange for turning in a guest info card – I’ve seen them range from nice mugs to coupons for coffee to info packs [which – let’s face it, aren’t really gifts]. The giving and receiving of gifts is a matter of personal preference by it’s very nature, so I’ll give my [disclaimer] opinion of options and/or what I would do…    :  )

  1. Don’t “bait and switch” – a “bookmark” which is really your volunteer opportunities list is a gift no one wants [except the ministry leader, perhaps];
  2. Make the gift “male friendly” – Grandma may want a set of church-branded macrame doilies, but Dad probably doesn’t;
  3. Make it something that people will use – ex. a nice mug, quality water bottle, coffeeshop gift card, etc… Not a monolith-shaped crystal “shelf knick-knack;”
  4. It doesn’t have to be a gift for the guest. A number of churches will make a $5 donation in the guest’s name to a cause for each card received.

Long story short, simply ask yourself – if you were visiting a different city and received this gift from a church, what would you do with it?

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