No, I don’t mean walk out of the service, lol…

So – how long before the service starts do you send the worship team out? IMHO, they should come out as close to the service start as possible. The way I look at it, the service starts the minute that people walk into the room, not when the first song begins. When you walk into a restaurant, the experience starts immediately, not when your food arrives… Similarly, a preservice environment should be just that – an environment. There should be a ‘vibe’ to what is happening – that vibe can even change from week to week [sometimes reverent/mysterious, sometimes fun and playful – a good default is friendly and high energy].

Ideally, the worship team should walk out 2 minutes or less before the beginning of the service. This may require them to have instruments in hand so that all they have to do is a quick plug-in [make sure the front-of-house audio is prepped for that]. They should not be lit, and should refrain from lots of movement. They need time to get in position, but shouldn’t amble up, have conversations on the platform, etc… The idea is to be ready without being a distraction. You want people focusing on each other [welcoming] or on the vibe you’ve created. In other words, you want them focused on what is happening, not what’s about to happen.   #creativeworshipideas

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