If you are using confetti in a service, I would strongly suggest using the streamer type (esp. if it’s going over the seats at all). We have tried a number of types of confetti over the years, but the streamer-type is by far the best for services. We’ve used it several times, and each time it looked incredible – and the kids in the crowd ran down and collected it after the service, lol! You do have to be careful about the angle that you shoot it – several times we got it tangled up in the catwalk system and had to get up there between services.

I would strongly suggest against using the paper/snowflake confetti, especially if you have multiple services. It’s MUCH more difficult to clean up, but there’s a long-term issue which makes it even more insidious. We shot off paper confetti, and – of course – some of it went up into the catwalks/baton system. We cleaned it up as best we could, but for the next several years, a piece of confetti would suddenly come floating down, usually at the most inopportune time. Once, our Senior Pastor was wrapping up a poignant point in his message, and – you guessed its – down floated a single piece of confetti. Several thousand sets of eyes watched it slowly, but very visibly, spin and somersault back and forth until it landed on him!

Take my word for it  – you want streamers. Test it first though…   ;  )


Streamer confetti is awesome for church celebrations

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