It takes a team to make services happen – sometimes a BIG team – and, at most churches, those teams are volunteers. The ask that we as leaders make on them can sometimes be huge – worship team commitment for an “on” week at a large church broadcast can easily equal 20 hours or more [more than double that at Christmas]! That’s a big ask, so we need to go the extra mile to say “Thanks!” every once in awhile. One of the most effective ways of letting people know that you appreciate them is with a good, old-fashioned, handwritten letter. They are rare these days, because they are not efficient – they take extra time and effort. And that’s what makes them memorable.

Our Exec. Pastor asked the staff team leaders to write three handwritten cards or letters per week. Let’s be honest, that’s totally doable – remember, leading and caring for our teams isn’t a distraction from our job – it IS our job. Go the extra mile – good things come to those who do.


Writing a personal letter gives the valuable gift of your time and effort.

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