How about a night of worship at your church – literally? All night long, I mean. Not somebody with an acoustic guitar – I mean full-on, full-production worship. You would probably need to do it during the summer, so that your crazy youth group could form the backbone of the people there, lol. Pitch it as an endurance test, something “manly” to get the guys behind it. Have rotating groups of worship and production team. Maybe have people sign up for the time they are going to come. Vary the style. Let the more seasoned member of the church know that there will be a couple of hymns sung at 4am, and they’ll be there. Vary the intensity, vary the style – maybe part of it is just one person with an acoustic…

It’s possible. I know of a local church [Heartland Church in the Indy area] that is doing something similar, and know of a number of churches that have done 24-hour prayer. It’s also something that a normal person can take part in, something that people can do as a family, something that says “I am willing to push a little harder to show that I believe God is worthy of our eternal, unceasing worship.” We don’t have the capacity or stamina to worship unceasingly now, but 10pm-8am let’s say? It’s doable…

An all-night worship event may be the catalyst to fire up the worship temperature of your church.


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