Sorry for the bad news…but you are going to die. So am I, and everyone else, barring the return of Jesus. Someday the seat where you usually sit will be filled by someone else…someday someone else will be singing the songs at church [probably different songs, lol]…someday someone else will be doing your job…someday, etc…. You have a limited time ahead, maybe quite a few years, maybe less.

So, what do you want to do? What’s your bucket list? Not your personal bucket list [although that can be fun] – your ministry bucket list. What do you want to be different because you were here? Whose life will you have spoken into? Who did you help to prepare for or grow in ministry? Who did you point towards God – their one and only hope?

Let’s break out of the morbidness and look at it this way – you can do a LOT in a lifetime. Actually writing out that ministry bucket list can set goals that will start to turn your good intentions into actions. So write them down – right now. Five minutes. It’s not that hard. Get started – if you do, you’ll be surprised how many item on that bucket list are checked off when your time is up.   :  )


Create a ministry bucket list.


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