A short one today – probably short because it deals with a time I messed up [I tend to not want to dwell on those for some reason, lol]…

We had a service where we needed to have a holiday family dinner table set up as a visual tie-in for the message that day. We got everything we needed – table, dishwater, glasses, silverware, tablecloth… Ah, the tablecloth. We were pressed for time, so we popped over to Target or somewhere similar and bought one. So it’s day of, and we are setting up before rehearsal – I walk into rehearsal and it’s all set up very nicely, except the tablecloth – having just come from the wrapper – was un-ironed and the places where it had been folded were very visible….

It was my fault – and too late to fix it. I was the weekend service producer, and – even though I didn’t set it up – I was responsible to make sure that things were the very best that they could be. Was it a huge deal? No, it wasn’t going to cause the earth to spin off it’s axis and hurtle into the sun. However, it was a miss – a potential distraction. There’s no reason that it needed to be that way except that I hadn’t been thorough in my prep work.

Part of doing things with excellence is making sure that the little things are taken care of.


Keep an iron at church! : )

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