With the demise of the CD and pirated songs online being accepted as a fact of life, most bands have turned to their live shows as their primary source of income. They have had to get creative about how they get the word out about their shows, how they sell merchandise, etc… Many of them have mobilized their strongest fans into “street teams,” who help them to make all of this happen.

So – who is part of your street team? Ideally, your whole congregation! OK, maybe that’s not entirely realistic, but you should have some people out there who are excited enough to get the word out – people who will go public with their excitement about what God is doing through your church. Give them a clear and compelling vision, some basic training and resources, and some encouragement and they will be good to go!

Here are three quick entry-level “street team” ideas:

  1. Car window stickers. Make sure the church name is readable from other cars without causing an accident. Don’t get too artsy, and remember – nobody knows your logo except for the people that already go to your church;
  2. T-Shirts – simple, easy to read, comfortable & keep the “cheese factor” low [unless you are a church in Wisconsin];
  3. Yard Signs – big series should get a big push. Some people’s initial reaction will be negative – remember, yard signs are usually political. If they see one, the may very well think “Ugh, a super-churchy crazy person.” However, if they start seeing them all over town, they will seem less crazy and more intriguing…
Yard signs can give some “oomph” to a series push.

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