Social media is a given these days. Happily, you can easily utilize it to help with one of the ongoing issues high on the list of every production or worship leader – caring for your team. We’ll deal with Facebook today, since it’s the easiest to set up. Facebook allows private groups – invite your team and FILL that thing with photos. Make sure EVERY campus has photos of their teams in action. People love to see themselves, but – much more importantly – your team wants to know that you notice them and what they bring, and that what they do is making a difference.

You do need to moderate the discussions to make sure that it never turns into a “gripe forum” – weed out negativity by setting the ground rules that the group is a place for support, vision and encouragement [not complaints]. Mention birthdays, set up meal trains for sick team members, new moms, etc… If you discipline to spend 10 minutes of every day to post, I think the results will surprise you…   :  )


Create team closed groups on Facebook


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