In my years as a Weekend Services/Creative Arts Pastor, part of my job was to help name or “brand” series/sermons. In the brainstorming process, there were always a bunch that didn’t get used for whatever reason. Here’s an A-Z of ideas of varying quality…   :  )


A – ALGORITHM (step-by-step – spiritual growth plan)

B – BEYOND (the greatness, power and majesty of God)

C – CRASH (what to do when life falls aprt)

D – DANGEROUS GAMES (self-destructive patters)

E – EVERYTHING ELSE (God is first, everything else comes after)

F – FIRST COMES LOVE… (marriage series)

G – GOLD FEVER (dealing with money)

H – HAWAII (having life goals bigger than a trip to Hawaii)

I – IMMERSIVE (getting into the Bible, starting a daily plan)

J – JUMP SHIP (leave the failed lifestyle of godlessness)

K – KEEP IT ON THE QT (fighting the urge to gossip)

L – LANDFILL (where all of the stuff that we lust for ends up, fighting greed)

M – MASTER VIEW (play on words on old View Master toy)

N – NOISE CONTROL (dealing with your thought life)

O – OFFLINE (addressing cell phone/gaming/etc… addictions)

P – PAPER TIGERS (pretending to be stronger than we are)

Q – QUIET (listening to God)

R – REBUILT (starting over with God in charge)

S – SIDE-BY-SIDE (serving as part of God’s people)

T – TRANSFORMATION (being a different person in a year)

U – UPSIDE DOWN (undoing cultural influences)

V – VIRAL (series on evangelism)

W – WHAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT (what happens when you die)

X – X-PEL (getting rid of sin patterns)

Y – YOU CAN’T GET THERE FROM HERE (the need to follow God’s direction)

Z – ZEPHYRS (acting on the gentle nudges from God)


Branding a sermon or series helps it stay in people’s memory.

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