“The toughest choices are not between good and bad. The most difficult decisions are when a leader must decide between better and best. This must be done carefully and warrants a period of research, prayer, and evaluation.”
Tony Morgan, Developing a Theology of Planning

I’ve always liked Tony Morgan’s insights, way back from his time at Granger and the days of the “Simply Strategic Stuff” books. He lived in a growing contemporary church. He gets it. I resonate with the quote above for a number of reasons, but mainly because I think it helps expose a fallacy that most of us church leaders believe – that society is caving in and we have to address it by stepping up and doing more. More. Not doing what we do better. Doing more.

I believe that is fundamentally untrue. In my experience, most churches are doing all sorts of stuff – so much so that they are spread very thin. Consequently, they do a lot, but not much of it with real excellence. They see another church having success with a program, and decide to copy and add it to keep up and stay relevant. They launch those programs with no leadership in place, no champions. They overload volunteers and staff with yet another thing. And when I say “they,” I mean “we,” because I have done it plenty of times…

Don’t get me wrong. We should all be working hard – we should be sold out to our calling! However, working hard at the wrong things doesn’t make sense. From what I can see, God gives you the resources you need to do the work that He wants you to do – not the work someone else is supposed to do. He’s given you the skill sets, the people, the finances, the buildings – and you need to figure out which areas you should be putting your effort into – who you are – and move the other things lower on (or off of) the priority list.

You can’t do everything – choose what you should be doing – and do it with excellence!


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