Part of what makes great weekend teams [or any teams, really] great are routines. We figure out what works, and do it regularly – procedures, checklists, schedules, and so on. Holidays or other special services can throw a monkey wrench into all of that – Christmas, for example, can eat a good chunk of December at a large church. It simply isn’t possible to maintain a normal meeting schedule, etc… That’s OK – adapt and adjust. Flexibility is the key to ministry, as a wise person told me once.

However – once the holiday or whatever is over – get back into the groove as quickly as possible. Reestablish your rhythms. I’ve been guilty of letting things slide, and then suddenly two months have gone by. If you’re team needs a break, by all means give them a break – individually – and a REAL break [ie time off]. But get the things that help you to do your job well back in place.

Get back in the groove quickly after major holidays.

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